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Subhajit Ghosh
SWE, SentientGeeks Software and Consultancy Pvt. Ltd.
HLD, LLD Courses

A must recommendation for anyone who is trying to grasp the core concepts. The LLD and HLD courses have drastically changed my way of approaching a solution and I am grateful to be a part of the learning process. It was very effective for me because of the active interactions from the students as well, not like a boring one-sided conversation. So definitely satisfied with what I got from the course.

Chevvanthi E
SSE, Market Simplified
HLD, LLD Courses

The way you delivered the content is awesome. When I attend your classes, 2 hours just fly by, and I learn so many things in these courses. I've gained a lot of confidence that I can build better systems. Thank you so much for the effort you've put in. The positivity you have created has helped me a lot. I would love to attend any course you conduct in the future.

Tanmay Pahuja
HLD, LLD Courses

I have witnessed remarkable growth in my skill set and knowledge, all thanks to your courses. They have equipped me with the ability to craft comprehensive production systems tailored to the unique needs of both startups and established enterprises. Your teaching style played a pivotal role in making every concept crystal clear. The progress I've achieved in such a short span of time is beyond what I had ever imagined.

HLD, LLD Courses

I really appreciate the way you begin with the basics of the topics and then gradually speed up the momentum, which helps us grasp the more challenging stuff effectively. Engaging in fantastic tech discussions with our fellow students added a lot of enjoyment to the learning experience. You have delivered way more than you promised and have gone out and beyond to effortlessly deliver contents fluidly.

Chinmaya Naik
SDE-1, Zineiq
HLD, LLD Courses

The course effectively caters to both beginners and folks with experience. Keerti skillfully covers all the important aspects while fostering an engaging community. The explanations provided are simplified and practical, gently guiding learners towards understanding and consistently addressing the essential 'why?' question.

Luv Suneja
Data Scientist, Aramex
HLD, LLD Courses

Keerti has found a great format to help busy professionals to upskil. Unlike other online courses, her classes are engaging, fun and push us to stretch our abilities. Love the teaching approach and examples.

Madhumitha M
SWE, Ex. Dxc Technology
HLD, LLD Courses

The courses were outstanding. Learned the basics so well. Confident of attempting interviews now. Thank you very much Keerti. Looking forward to more such courses.

Shivam Patel
SWE, Scientific Games
HLD, LLD Courses

It was great, got to learn a lot of things regarding system design, which can be a good base for further learnings, thanks!

Siddharth Trivedi
SWE, Manhattan Associates
HLD, LLD Courses

It was really informative and focused on the content. Learned a lot of new things and overall, it was really a good experience for me. I have also recommended my friend circle to opt for the course.

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Here are some of the frequently asked questions-

Are your courses pre-recorded or live?
All courses are LIVE and interactive.
Where are classes held?
All classes are conducted live on Zoom. Once the class ends, the unedited original recording is made available.
Will there be recordings of the classes?
You will have access to all the class recordings. You can re-watch, revise or attend next batch's live classes (as and when it happens) with lifetime validity.
Do you have a mobile application?
We have a mobile application for both Android and iOS.
Can I watch the class recordings or go through notes offline?
You can download the recordings and notes on the mobile application and use them offline as per your convenience.
Do you provide certificates for courses?
The certificate of completion is available once the live classes are over.
Can I get invoices for reimbursement?
Yes, proper invoice with GSTIN is available as soon as you enroll for the course.
Where can I see courses specific information?
Checkout the courses section. Weekwise curriculum and separate FAQ sections with information such as prerequisites are available for every course.
Will you provide notes and code?
Notes and quizzes are available for all classes, which are valuable for revision purposes.
What language are the courses taught in?
All courses are conducted in English.
How can I connect with fellow participants of the course?
You will be part of a Discord community with various channels for networking, collaboration on projects, asking questions, sharing notes, and more.
I have more questions, how can I reach out to you?
Feel free to reach out to us via email at support@keertipurswanicourses.com.

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