Data Structures and Algorithms Course

Master most-feared DSA Topics-

Recursion, DP, Trees and Graphs


Here are some of the frequently asked questions-

Will there be recordings of the classes?
You will have access to all the class recordings. You can re-watch, revise or attend next batch's live classes (as and when it happens) with lifetime validity.
What are the prerequisites for the course?
Any one programming language and basics of Arrays, Lists and Maps.
Is the course for absolute beginners?
Recursion, DP, Trees, and Graphs will be taught from basics to an advanced level. The fundamentals will be explained, followed by a lot of practice to help you approach and solve advanced-level questions but this is not for someone who is an absolute beginner in coding.
Which programming languages will be used for coding?
I will be coding in Java and C++. However, anyone familiar with any programming language should be able to follow along.
Will the code be provided?
Yes, in C++ and JAVA.
Is this course for freshers or for experienced people?
This course is for anyone aiming to master DSA. Years of experience doesn't matter.
How can I connect with fellow participants of the course?
You will be part of a discord community with different channels for networking, asking doubts and more.
Where can I ask you doubts?
The discord community will always be active!
Where are classes held?
All classes are held live on Zoom. Once the class ends, the unedited original recording is available.
What language will the course be taught in?
Everything will be taught in English.
What is the duration of classes?
Every class will be 2 hours long, from 9 PM to 11 PM, followed by additional doubt solving and extra support.
Do you have a mobile application?
We have a mobile application for both Android and iOS.
Can I watch the class recordings or go through notes offline?
You can download the recordings and notes on the mobile application and use them offline as per your convenience.
Do you provide certificate for the course?
The certificate of completion is available once the live classes are over.
Can I get invoices for reimbursement?
Yes, proper invoice with GSTIN is available as soon as you enroll for the course.
I have more questions, how can I reach out to you?
Drop us a mail at

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